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1720, 11-02-2020
Zeshov (IRE)
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Talk of the Town - Coming Soon


Horse riders, as the title suggests, news or information on any horse(s) whose reputation may have preceded them prior to any given event. Our newest feature, the Talk of the Town could be news on an unraced maiden, or an unraced 2yo, of which the public would have very little knowledge. Alternatively it could quite easily be news of a handicapper who has suddenly started to thrive and appears well ahead of the handicap mark he, or she, has been allocated. From time to time, it may even be a Group horse who has shown improved form at home on the gallops. Either way, the Newmarket Bulletin will provide you with the whispers and messages that invariably emanate from the top yards that inhabit the headquarters of British racing and are sure to provide you with a unique insight into the home of horseracing.

There may not be a Talk of the Town feature every day, and, there’s no doubt, its entirely possible, they wont all win but you can be absolutely certain,horses entered under the heading  of Talk of the Town, will be exactly that, on the day in question, the Talk of the Town! They will be fit, ready and able, to win the race in question and they will be the source of great interest, the type of horses the bookies will be terrified of ……and they should be followed as there is, invariably, no smoke without fire! 

The Talk of the Town will be updated by 11am each morning, although usually and when possible, a good deal earlier and you will know where they are running as you will see the Talk of the Town’s distinctive green A close up of a signDescription automatically generated icon on the home page matrix. This will indicate the race in which the Talk of the Town horse is running. Be sure to read, thoroughly, the comments provided and if you do, we’re confident they will provide a rich source of inside information that will prove highly profitable to follow…….

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