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1645, 07-06-2021
Aleef (IRE)
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The Newmarket Bulletin produces its very own unique interactive racecards.

How do they differ from the kind of cards you would usually see in your daily newspaper I hear you ask? Well, they are crammed with additional information designed to assist you, daily, in your quest to beat the bookmakers.

In addition to all the usual information at each meeting such as the time, distance & title of each race along with each horse’s number, abbreviated form figures, draw, trainer and jockey details, you also get a whole host of information, in addition.

This includes:

Click on each heading to find out more about how these items can assist your study and help find you winners.

But it doesn’t end there. The racecard is fully interactive and can be manipulated to help you evaluate even the trickiest of big field handicaps.

Take the race illustrated below as a very good example. A highly competitive mile handicap at Ascot. Tricky enough, you might think but with the assistance of gallop reports on four different Newmarket trained runners, the trainers Index and the Judge’s verdict all helped to provide a clear indication there was a very compelling case for one horse above all others. Let us show you how you can utilise the tools provided by the Newmarket Bulletin to come to a consistent conclusion more often than not.

Let's, firstly, deal with the draw. You can simply click on the draw icon in the race header in any race, and the racecard will re-order the horses in draw sequence, as shown below. This will help you identify those horses which are best drawn based on any bias in evidence. In this case, the horses of interest, at Ascot, on drying ground, officially described as good to firm, were those highest drawn. This conclusion drawn from the previous day's competitive 5 furlong handicap, won by Gabbiano, a clear advantage can be seen for the horses drawn high, with stalls 10, 9 & 12 filling 3 of the first 4 places, and stalls 2 and 3 placing last and 2nd last. Consequently, although it must be stated that this cannot be categoric, there is a very strong chance that there was a clear advantage in being drawn high. So, now, let's look at the Newmarket Gallop Reports

As indicated below, our reporters have rated Yeager as producing the most significant gallop, rating his work with the 100 rated Grandeur as a G3 whereas the other gallop contenders in the race have been rated only as a G2. This earmarks Yeager, with an official rating of just 83 as illustrated after the jockey’s name, as a horse working well enough to run right up to his best and probably even better next time out. He would be the preferred of the Newmarket contingent.

So, at this stage we have a top gallops contender with a very good draw. Now let's deal with the Trainer’s Index. Again, similar to the draw, you can click on the Index header and this, as in the illustration below, will order the trainers according to their recent stable form. It is clear that Jeremy Noseda had his team in top form at the time and he came out on top of this list. So, we now have a horse that is from a yard in top form, is well drawn and is working well.

The final, but not necessarily the most important factor, especially when dealing with young and/or improving horses is The Judge’s verdict, which takes account of all the factors commonly available including class, form, trip, track and, most importantly of all, the prevailing going as assessed by our team. This allows us to rank the horses in a theoretical order of merit known as the Newmarket Bulletin Ranking or NBR as indicated below.

When taking all of the above into account, it was clear, there was a compelling case for backing one horse and one horse only…that horse, Jeremy Noseda’s Yeager. And the result….

Result: Yeager WON 20/1

Footnote: Yeager was not only from the stable in the best form, had the highest ranking according to the Judge, was working best of the Newmarket contingent, and had an advantageous draw but he also had a tongue tie fitted for the first time, as illustrated, which may further have boosted his performance.

Footnote 2: To indicate further the importance of the draw when there is so obviously a bias, which is not always known prior to the meeting. In this race it was borne out by all of the first five home being drawn 10 or higher in a field of only 16. Yeager had an excellent draw in stall 14, beating Machete Mark from stall 15, from Intringo stall 12, clearly indicating a distinct advantage for those drawn high, in fact stalls 10 and 16 filled the next two places, thus no single figure draw finishing in the top 5 places.

The Newmarket Bulletin has the tools to help you arrive at the right conclusion.

Of course, in addition, courtesy of the Press Association you will also find the earliest possible indication of forecast Starting Prices.

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